A few of our weekend highlights…

I don’t intend for these to be particularly poignant pages, but I’m trying to document our weekends more – lest I forget how to scrap entirely. Simple pages = good.

This past weekend we bought our first ever (in our lives) snow blower (er … thrower …) We’re not even going to know what to do with ourselves when the first snowfall hits. I’m pretty sure Tom will clear the entire neighborhood until the novelty wears off. Although novelty doesn’t wear off quickly with him.

Nov 13th & 14th



The first snowfall of winter 2010 had us running scared – straight to Menards. The blizzard that hit Minnesota never did turn our way, but when the snow finally flies here Tom will be the guy running up and down our block, clearing everyone’s sidewalks until he runs out of gas.

Weekends are now spent competing with one orange feline for my office chair. He has an uncanny ability to sense the exact moment that I leave my office to grab something from the other room. I don’t have the heart to move him, so I perch on the edge of my chair and let him hog the rest of it. Sometimes I think my office is the best thing that ever happened to Mo.

Sunday evening was reserved for the always entertaining “dinner with my parents” where copious amounts of alcohol were consumed before a dinner of pheasant and wild rice. (The alcohol being the only way I was going to touch pheasant, much less ingest it.) Final verdict – pheasant isn’t so bad.


paper – Pear Tree (One Little Bird)
snowflakes – Dream About Xmas (Natali Design)
stamp – Decorative Grunge Swirls (Vinnie Pearce)
fonts – Neutraface & Neutraface Slab (House Industries)

About This Project

A Year of Weekends is an ongoing album project that embodies my desire to stay grounded in the everyday unsung moments that make up the weekends of my life, while also giving me a playground to express myself through design and storytelling – without any pressure to be poignant or a trendsetter. My goal is to always design these pages around products I already own or designed myself, which allows me to revisit some of my favorite kits and products and either use items for the first time or see previously used products in a whole new light. Sometimes the pages will be irreverent, other times they’ll be serious or emotional, but all of them are created in celebration of the extraordinarily ordinary moments that fill the 48 hours of each weekend.

Feel free to join in and post links to your own pages in the comments. Don’t worry about what products you use, all stories are welcome.