The Weekend | Dec. 25-26

JOURNALING: It was a series of fortunate events that led us to Indianapolis for Christmas weekend – a four-day weekend for Tom at work, the ability to exchange gifts with Nicholas the prior weekend and the fact that Ed & Heather stayed in Indiana this year instead of driving to North Dakota. Tom moved up to Wisconsin exactly four years ago this weekend and we’ve never had enough variables fall into place to allow us to spend the actual Christmas holiday with his family. We were able to watch our niece rummage excitedly through her stocking from Santa on Christmas morning; able to watch our nephew tear into his gifts on his own for the first time. We were able to gather around the kitchen table and enjoy a holiday meal with these people we love so much who live so far away. A series of fortunate events, indeed, that allowed us to relax and laugh with one another, watch movies and play video games into the wee hours of the night, and eat cookies and treats with until we thought we’d all pass out from the indulgence of it all. Sixteen hours in the car for a little over forty-eight hours of having the motley Jones crew together – and it was worth every single second.

MATERIALS: Serendipity by Paislee Press (coming January 1st); Fonts are Neutraface 2 and Neutraface Slab by House Industries

About This Project:
A Year of Weekends is an ongoing album project that embodies my desire to stay grounded in the everyday unsung moments that make up the weekends of my life while also giving me a playground to express myself through design and storytelling – without any pressure to be poignant or a trendsetter. My goal is to always design these pages around products I already own or designed myself, which allows me to revisit some of my favorite kits and products and either use items for the first time or see previously used products in a whole new light. Sometimes the pages will be irreverent, other times they’ll be serious or emotional, but all of them are created in celebration of the extraordinarily ordinary moments that fill the 48 hours of each weekend.

Feel free to join in and post links to your own pages in the comments. Don’t worry about what products you use, all stories are welcome.

Join In for 2011! An all new year of weekends begins this coming weekend (Jan 1-2). I’d love for you to join me in this endeavor, a “Project 52” of sorts for those of you with commitment issues like me. No pressure, no rules – just a set period of time to document each week. I mean, who doesn’t love the weekend?!