Scrapping a page for my Year of Weekends project has become one of the things I look most forward to every Monday evening when I get home from work. It’s a little indulgence, sitting down to put these little weekend thoughts down onto a page and blowing the digital dust off my scrapbooking supplies. There’s no pressure to these pages, so they seem to organically come together like magic.


The overhead lights at HuHot, the new Mongolian Grill in town – an impromptu stop while out Christmas shopping for Heather. It’s only the first week of December and already I feel the beginnings of holiday burn out. I’ve just barely gotten started. The perfectionist in me wants to give everything 100%, but that flies directly in the face of the spontaneous nature of the holiday season. “Surviving December” has become my new mantra because I go through this every year yet still seem to be completely blindsided by it. This year I resolve to post date an email to myself – one to be opened at the same time next year reminding me January is right around the corner and accomplishing ten things at 50% is better than nothing at all.


Eastbourne by Paislee Press & Kathryn Wilson, plus a flower stamp from Embrace by Paislee Press & Fei Fei’s stuff. Fonts are Neutraface Slab and Mr Sheffield.

Timesaver for Smartphone Camera Users

One of the big perks of upgrading my phone a few months ago is that I gained an 8.0MP camera in the process. It has it’s obvious limitations when it comes to low-light or action photography, but my go-to camera is a giant Nikon D50 with a big Speedlight on the top  which isn’t exactly inconspicuous or easy to store in your purse. The high-res camera on my phone has allowed me to take more photos of day to day happenings, and they’re often the photos I use when scrapping my Year of Weekends pages.

Normally I still would have avoided using my phone’s camera in the past because I’m not great about hooking my phone up to retrieve the photos – but Dropbox for Android has revolutionized my life in that regard because after I take a photo I can immediately bring it up on screen, select “Share” and there’s a “Dropbox” option right in the Share dialogue. The photo goes to the Photos folder on my Dropbox account and from there I can access it on my desktop computer and/or laptop the next time I sit down to work – no cords required. I use Dropbox for a few other purposes but I have to admit that transferring photos from my phone is where it gets the most use.

Yes, I COULD email the photo to myself, but that’s actually more steps on my phone, and then I still have to save the file from my email, and I’d have to do it again to get the file onto my laptop – OR save it to my Dropbox folder so that I can access it on both, so why not cut out the middle man and send it straight to Dropbox? Work smarter, not harder.

I share this because if you have a smartphone and you take pictures on it, utilizing Dropbox (the basic account is free) will make your workflow more efficient. They have a mobile app for all major smartphone operating systems, and the PC/Mac application is a really quick install and effortless set-up. As the number of web-capable devices that I own continues to rise I’m always looking for easy ways to keep my information accessible between all of them and I can’t say enough good things about Dropbox for accomplishing this for me.

About This Project

A Year of Weekends is an ongoing album project that embodies my desire to stay grounded in the everyday unsung moments that make up the weekends of my life while also giving me a playground to express myself through design and storytelling – without any pressure to be poignant or a trendsetter. My goal is to always design these pages around products I already own or designed myself, which allows me to revisit some of my favorite kits and products and either use items for the first time or see previously used products in a whole new light. Sometimes the pages will be irreverent, other times they’ll be serious or emotional, but all of them are created in celebration of the extraordinarily ordinary moments that fill the 48 hours of each weekend.

Feel free to join in and post links to your own pages in the comments. Don’t worry about what products you use, all stories are welcome.