I brought this up on The Paperclipping Digi Show a couple of weeks ago when we talked about programs and software that help us scrapbook, and I know it’s been brought up on other shows by other guests, too. I use a service called OhLife to keep track of everyday happenings and “goings-on” in our lives. It’s a free service and they send you an email every day sort of like a friend asking “What did you do today?” You write your reply right in your email program and send it back then it’s posted in your OhLife account. As time goes on you’ll start seeing snippets from the past in your daily emails, along the lines of “This is what you wrote 90 days ago” which allows you to revisit stories you may have forgotten about.

I bring it up here because although I’m not totally consistent with my OhLife emails, I do try to make use of them on the weekends so that when I sit down to do these pages I can sift through my notes for those days. This comes in especially handy when I get a little bit behind on my scrapbooking. You wouldn’t believe the random things I send into OhLife, none of them are well-composed literary masterpieces – trust me! Just notes about our day, quotes from my son, a movie we saw, what we had for dinner, etc. You never know when that information will come in handy.

March 12-13

The Weekend | Mar. 12-13

JOURNALING: march 12-13: With absolutely no logical explanation as to why I chose this weekend, of all weekends, to redesign my website, I spent three days eating, drinking and breathing onelittlebirdesigns.com. I couldn’t turn my brain off when my head hit the pillow so I’d cram in a bare minimum of sleep (4 hours?) just to add a little fuel to my tank then I was right back to work. It’s how I operate, this single-minded, tunnel-visioned approach to a project. It’s hard for me to take my time and just chip away at a large task, I envy those who can because they probably don’ t turn into a total machine like I do when faced with a large mission. And they probably get a little more sleep, too!

MATERIALS: Permanent Press Papers (available next week!) and The Open Road by Paislee Press

March 19-20

The Weekend | Mar. 19-20

JOURNALING: Balance. As in: I have none. So this weekend can go down in history as the one where I fell down the stairs at IKEA on a last minute trip to pick up this EKBY shelf to raise my monitors up just a little bit. You know…so my back won’t hurt so much. Irony.

MATERIALS: Tuesday Morning by One Little Bird (available 3/28)

About This Project

A Year of Weekends is an ongoing album project that embodies my desire to stay grounded in the everyday unsung moments that make up the weekends of my life while also giving me a playground to express myself through design and storytelling – without any pressure to be poignant or a trendsetter. My goal is to always design these pages around products I already own or designed myself, which allows me to revisit some of my favorite kits and products and either use items for the first time or see previously used products in a whole new light. Sometimes the pages will be irreverent, other times they’ll be serious or emotional, but all of them are created in celebration of the extraordinarily ordinary moments that fill the 48 hours of each weekend.

Feel free to join in and post links to your own pages in the comments. Don’t worry about what products you use, all stories are welcome.