Never one to make grand, dramatic statements – I’m going to host a little personal giveaway here featuring a product that has revolutionized my life more than almost any other product I have ever purchased – ever.

See? Not dramatic at all.

If you’ve already listened to this week’s episode of The Digi Show, Episode 30: Everybody Has Stuff, then you’ve heard me talk about The (sounds dirty but it isn’t) Wet Brush that I purchased on a whim a couple of weeks ago.

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It popped up as one of the hot sellers in the Health & Beauty category on Amazon when I signed on to re-order a few of my “I Don’t Just Roll Out Of Bed Looking Like This” supplies, and I was immediately intrigued because “The Wet Brush” sounded a little dirty which always makes me curious.

Lo and behold it was about to become the solution to a long-standing problem in my life, which is that I step out of the shower with what amounts to a head full of dreadlocks. I can manage to get a comb or a brush through my hair with a judicious (read: insane) amount of leave-in conditioner if push really comes to shove, but for the most part I try to either wash my hair at night so it can dry while I sleep or I blow dry it in its fully dreadlocked state and then stifle a series of screams while I brush through it afterward.

I mainly try to go for option 1, despite the fact that I HATE sleeping with wet hair.

I bought The Wet Brush with a fair amount of skepticism, but based on the sheer volume of glowing reviews and the fact that it was only $7 I figured I had nothing to lose. To me it looked like a regular brush, like every other regular brush I’ve owned in my life. Even when it arrived I took it out of the package and gave it a firm raised brow because it didn’t look any more revolutionary in person than it did on the Internet. The bristles seemed a lot thinner and more flexible than other brushes, and if anything that made me more skeptical because I figured they would collapse at the first sign of trouble and declare defeat.

The next morning I showered as usual and decided I wasn’t going to give The Wet Brush any advantages. I didn’t put any detangling products in my hair afterward, and if anything I towel-dried it a little more aggressively than usual to build up the giant mess of knots and tangles ahead of time. I really wanted to be right about this brush being a gimmick.

But this stupid little brush went through my hair as though someone embedded magic in it. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

I figured I was losing my mind a little so I quickly ordered one and had it sent to Christine so she could try it out. She confirmed my results.

The Wet Brush has magic embedded within it.

Somehow tangles just melt away. I’m not even sort of kidding when I say that this little $7 brush has shaved at least 30 minutes off of my prep time – time I used to spend picking at individual tangles in my hair only to hit another one right away. Also, I can blow dry my hair much faster because I’m starting with a nice, sleek head of hair rather than a knotted up bird’s nest of awfulness.

And for the first time in as long as I can remember I can now administer all sorts of girly leave-in treatments to my hair while I’m in the shower, I just drag the magic brush in there with me and I can comb deep conditioners and keratin treatments through my hair LIKE BUTTER.

So now I want to give three Wet Brushes away to my blog readers.  Because for some reason I feel like I need more people to confirm that I am not losing my mind.

And also? I want to revolutionize your life. Or your daughters’ lives – because you’ll note that a ton of the reviews on Amazon are from moms who previously had to drag their long-haired daughters kicking and screaming to the hairbrush. This brush could save mother/daughter relationships all across the land. This brush is a peacemaker!

Giveaway Rules

 Note: You must be a US resident and have a valid US mailing address to enter. (Sorry International readers! I’ll be leaving the shipping up to Amazon so shipping is subject to Amazon’s Prime Membership Shipping Policies.)

Leave a comment below to be entered for a chance to win one of three Wet Brushes shipped directly to you (you’ll need to supply me with a shipping address). Your entry must be posted by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, March 4th. Post about this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or your blog to receive additional entries (you can use the handy buttons below, leave a separate comment for each). The winner will be announced here on Monday, March 5th.

Good luck everyone!