Mo | Hairband Thief

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how Mo is the perfect cat. Because he’s an orange one, and orange is the best flavor.

Something in his genetic composition gives him a keen sense of hairband radar. I’m not entirely sure how he finds them, but in the 8 years I’ve owned him my ponytail hairband budget has quadrupled.

I managed to steal this one away from him after watching him jump up onto the kitchen counter and rummage through a pile of mail just to find the band that I pulled out of my hair this morning.

How does he know it’s there? Your guess is as good as mine. That’s why it’s so exceptionally freaky.

Mo | Hairbands Beware

He doesn’t always wait to find them “at large” either. Sometimes he gathers up the nerve to walk up behind me while I’m relaxing on the couch then attempt to rip the band from my head while it is in the process of securing a ponytail.

They’re almost a single use item at this point because if I don’t lock them away immediately in a drawer in the bathroom Mo will hunt them down and then … I’m not entirely sure what he does with them after that. He bats them around for a while and I can attempt to reclaim them if I catch him.

I really have no idea where they go after he tires of them, though.

I wonder if one day we’ll be remodeling and we’ll happen up on an enormous cache of hairbands tucked into a secret trap door he’s had installed in the floor? Like some sort of feline panic room he’s set up – fully stocked with hundreds of hairbands, cans of his favorite special order food and a detailed plan to convince Sisko to sacrifice himself for the cause in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

I’ m going to have to keep a closer eye on him from here on out.