Essie Mint Candy Apple & Beyond Cozy

FEELING: Girly. I haven’t painted my fingernails in years, but I’ve painted them twice this week despite the fact that I’m horrible at it. Hoping these helpful videos from a Twitter friend will improve my skill set, because these two Essie shades (mint candy apple + beyond cozy) are irresistible to me.

WATCHING: Breaking Bad, Season 1. Friends of mine rave about it and I want to be in on the conversation.

Storytelling Strategies by Stacy Julian

READING: Storytelling Strategies by Stacy Julian in bite-sized portions. I love Stacy’s memory keeping spirit, she doesn’t stress about being caught up or documenting everything in the order it occurred – she’s simply passionate about telling her story. In 2012 she chose 12 categories and scrapped a page for each category every month. 144 layouts in one year – she’s totally winning at scrapbooking.

LISTENING TO: Classic Rock’s Greatest Hits playlist on Songza most mornings while I gear up for work. It’s a bit outside the box for me, but I’m rolling with it. For some reason a little Kashmir in the morning kicks my butt into gear.

Silhouette Birdhouses

EXCITED ABOUT: My new Silhouette, which has me feeling crafty again. Being able to turn my digital supplies into paper supplies so easily means things like glue and ribbon have taken up residency on my desk. These are treat filled birdhouses for a couple of little girls in CA that think I’m Cinderella.

Project Life | One Little Bird

DOCUMENTING: 2013 in a 6×8 Snap Album from Simple Stories – I got mine in brown. The 6×8 format is a little less mentally taxing for me, plus I can finish pages up quickly and have instant gratification. One of these days I’ll get photos of my album into a blog post. It’s on my list, right after tax prep!

WORKING ON: A better sleep schedule. For most of 2012 my head didn’t hit the pillow until 3am (or later) most of the time. I’ve always been a night owl, but my overall quality of sleep has been taking a nosedive over the past several months – so I think I’m getting too old to burn the midnight oil on the daily.


NOTICING: That this guy is becoming more and more independent. I’ve never been one of those moms that feels as though her kid is growing up too fast, I’ve always felt as though that’s the goal I’m shooting for. That won’t stop me from crying when I drop him off at college, but in the meantime I celebrate every lunch he makes for himself without me telling him to do it.

SHARING: This recipe for Nutella Rice Krispie Treats from The Pioneer Woman – just in case you haven’t already stumbled upon it on every social media site. They’re definitely a good thing.