Happy Friday!  I’ve added a couple of new templates to the shop today.

My good friend, Christine, is in the habit of taking a look back at each month on her blog, highlighting some of their favorite moments and the corresponding photos. Recently she shared on The Lilypad Blog how she turns her Month in Review blog posts into 8.5 x 11″ pages for her Project Life album using a combination of Lightroom (to create her photo collages) and Photoshop (to add her journaling).

And then people, inspired by her pages and wanting to create some of their very own, started asking her for a template that bypassed Lightroom and allowed them to create the whole thing right in Photoshop every month.

Enter The Bird, stage left.



In Review templates! In both 12×12″ and 8.5×11″ sizes. The 8.5×11″ version is perfect for printing at home so you can drop it directly into your Project Life album, add it to the family pinboard, stick it up on the fridge or email it out to your close friends and family as a monthly newsletter. The square photo spots are also perfect for showcasing your Instagram photos for each month.

Handwritten months are included in each template, each on their own layer so you can hide last month, unhide this month and get started on your review.

They’re a clean, graphic-style way to document a month in your life. Plus you can dress them up by dropping in a background paper, adding shadows and adding some clusters of elements to make them into real showpieces for your albums. That’s what I did with my page, below. I love the idea of adding seasonally relevant little element clusters in the opposing corners or near the date stamps – like Valentine’s bits for February’s review, summery bits for June’s review, etc. 

I didn’t get much scrapbooking done last year, and I think these may be just the way to get a lot of our 2012 memories documented quickly.


Early Bird Savings

Purchase my In Review 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 templates by February 10, 2013 and you’ll save 20%.



MATERIALS: Dayplanner and In Review 8.5 x 11″ template.



“I love that I could journal so much! I could easily fill the page but I really like how this looks. I like the idea of having a page per week with a photo a day, but I like the way this looks too. I chose photos for this that I hadn’t used in my P365.”



“I have some weird hangup up mixing so many photos together from a large span of time in terms of them not being similar (in lighting etc.). I know it makes no sense, but I get super twitchy about it. I thought I would hate the way this would turn out but I really don’t. I think I may even go back and do one for each month using last year’s photos.”