I first attempted Project Life back in 2011 as one of my “new” things in my New52 project. We had a busy summer planned and the buzz was building around Project Life at the time, so I thought the format would be a fun change for me. My plan was never to approach it as a photo-a-day type of project, I was going to use it to document specific events throughout our summer in 2 page spreads.

I didn’t post too many photos of my project back then, but you can see a few of the images that I did share here and here. I dug the album out a couple of weeks ago and considered taking more photos of some of the other pages, but honestly I don’t have a ton of fond memories of that 12×12 format and don’t feel the love when I look through it. With each 2-page spread being 2 feet wide I felt as though my eye never knew where to go next, the 12×12 format felt absolutely massive to me.

So when I saw the 6×8 Sn@p Albums from Simple Stories I found myself saying “Yes, 6×8! So much simpler!”

Snap Album | Project Life | One Little Bird

I ordered one in brown from Scrapbook.com along with a variety of pocket pages (because I’m optimistic) and cracked it open toward the end of January when I finally felt as though I was caught up enough with work to take a bit of a creative detour.

Project Life January | One Little Bird

Overall I’m finding the 6×8 format much easier to handle. I can achieve cohesiveness much more easily than I could in the 12×12 format. And the album is small enough that when I leave it open on my desk I don’t feel as though it’s in the way.

Project Life | January | One Little Bird

I really like 3×4 photos. I’m a big fan of small photos in my digital pages, as well. Back in 2011 the Design F pages didn’t exist yet, but even if they had I would have caved underneath the pressure of all those photo spots.

Project Life | January | One Little Bird

The first half of January included my trip to Anaheim for the CHA Winter Trade Show. Since I have so many photos from this trip I gave each day its own 2 page spread – which is still only 8 spots to fill. I work on a pocket here and there in between other work. Some days I’m not feeling it, other days it’s what I work on right away in the morning while I drink my coffee.

I’m eerily productive on this project (and this project only) in the first hour or two of each morning. However, I make no progress on it late at night. Have you found that there are certain things that just come more easily at certain times? This one is definitely solar powered for me.

I’m not too worried about the measure of time in each 2 page spread, I’m simply striving for a loose chronological order.

Project Life | January | One Little Bird

Since I started working on this at the end of January I had a backlog of photos right out of the gate. These are the last two “completed” pages, documenting Saturday the 12th.  Beyond these two there are pockets filled here and there, but mostly there are a bunch of post-it notes acting as placeholders for the bits of everyday life that will one day occupy them.

Project Life | January | One Little Bird

I had a few odds and ends from this day – business cards, my press pass, etc – so I designed a tabbed pocket and cut it out of kraft paper on the Silhouette. In the future I’ll shrink it down a bit before cutting it because once I added the items it was a struggle to get it into the plastic pocket. Live and learn.

Project Life | January | One Little Bird

My favorite thing about this particular spread is the photobooth photo on the second page. Liz mailed it to me and it makes me smile to know that we have the exact same photo in both of our albums (you can see hers in her post here).

I’m thoroughly smitten with this smaller format. I feel a little wave of triumph wash over me whenever I fill the last pocket on a page – and those moments come more often with only 3-4 pockets to fill.

Mostly what I love is that it makes sense to me; it falls in line with my natural tendency to keep things compact. There’s a balance to it that I find pleasing, so I find myself drawn to it when I need a little “tactile therapy” – and I haven’t glued myself to my desk yet, so things are really looking up for me.

Photos processed using Rad Lab by Totally Rad or Fable Actions by My Four Hens (specifically Sterling, my favorite black and white conversion ever).