Christy here, to bring you a fun scrapping challenge!

When I first started buying digital scrapbooking supplies, I worked hard to use every kit and template at least twice.  I would open them up and then pick a current page I wanted to scrap and one from years ago using the same materials.  I haven’t done that in a while, so today I decided to try it again.  But, this time, I challenged myself to use one template for three different layouts.  I dug way back into Peppermint’s shop and chose this template from Flight Plan #1 and #2.

Transforming Digital Scrapbooking Templates

I loved the paper strips, the white space, and the fun way the journaling and title mixed into each other.

For my first layout I picked an old picture of my oldest from when he was almost 2 and scrapped a page sticking exactly to the template guides.

Transforming Digital Scrapbooking Templates

|| Materials || Crazy For You (papers and elements) and Flight Plan #1 template by One Little Bird Designs. Fonts are Mish and RachelB by Darcy Baldwin and Hobo Std.

When I was done, I loved the layout but I also wanted my next layout to look different and unique.  One of the things that I love about digital scrapbooking templates is that they are transformable.  You can make them your own or change them to fit the picture or topic you want to scrap.

I started this process by reopening the template and flipping it.  (PSE: “Image – Rotate – Flip Horizontal”)  After doing this I did need to select the text layers and flip just those layers back to normal.  (PSE: “Image – Rotate – Flip Layer Horizontal”)  I then selected all of the paper and photo layers.  (PSE: Hold down the Ctrl key and click on each layer in the layers palette)  I enlarged all of these layers I had selected and moved the text around to fit the new space.  Here is what the template then looked like.

Transforming Digital Scrapbooking Templates

And here is the finished layout!  This time I chose to add a bunch of different elements around the page that were not identified on the template.

Transforming Digital Scrapbooking Templates

|| Materials || Fresh by One Little Bird Designs & Sahlin Studio; Flight Plan #1 template by One Little Bird Designs. Fonts are Jamie by Darcy Baldwin and Charcoal CY

For my third layout,  I  started with the original template and this time I chose to rotate it.  (PSE: “Image – Rotate – 90 degrees Left)  This time, I chose to get rid of some of the paper strips and duplicated the picture shape.  I also lengthened the photo mat to go behind all of the photos and rotated the text back to normal.  Here is what the “new” template looked like:

Transforming Digital Scrapbooking Templates

I adore how my third layout turned out.  I changed the journaling a bit by typing it onto a journaling mat.

Transforming Digital Scrapbooking Templates

|| Materials ||  Suncatcher (papers and elements) and Flight Plan #1 template by One Little Bird Designs. Fonts are Kristi by Darcy Baldwin and Blackoak Std.

To show you up close how the changes work, here are the three ways I used this template:


And here are the three layouts:


Isn’t it so cool how I could start at the same place and end up with three totally unique layouts?

So my challenge to you is to try this yourself some time.  The ways that you can transform a template are really endless but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Flip or Rotate
  • Duplicate a shape
  • Delete some parts of the template
  • Resize some of the shapes – smaller or larger
  • Add a picture or paper shape
  • Change the shape of a picture shape (circle, square, rectangle, star, whatever)
  • Add elements where the template doesn’t call for them
  • Try taking two templates and dragging some of the shapes from one onto the other to make a combined new template
  • Move some things around
  • Add a border or additional background papers