Tom and I just returned home earlier this week from a trip out west. We hopped on a plane just hours before some of the coldest days on record hit our home state of Wisconsin.

We spent the first four days of our trip in Las Vegas together, one of Tom’s favorite places on earth. I was a little over Vegas after our trip back in July, but this trip wound up being very low key and we spent the majority off our time off strip. It also helps that we ate some amazing meals while we were there this time – like the crispy duck at Lotus of Siam, cut-to-order steak at Echo & Rig, and the amazing breakfast menu at Skinny Fats.

I’m very easy to win over with food.


Our main objective was to attend the Consumer Electronics Show – along with over 100,000 other people. Finding products with appeal to digital scrapbookers in this venue was a bit of a “needle in a haystack” experience – with things like driverless cars, 3D printers and gigantic television walls stealing most of the spotlight. But we did get some hands-on playtime with some fun little gadgets.

Then Tom and I parted ways for the last four days of our trip. He stayed in Vegas and was joined by his brother and sister-in-law, I climbed aboard a quick flight to Orange County, CA – where I met up with my dear friend Kami and we made a beeline for Disneyland.


And we rode all the rides that Kami will actually ride, given she’s afraid of … quite a few of the rides. But the best part for me was actually the waiting in line, as surprising as that sounds, because it gave us time to just talk. About everything, about nothing. I don’t mind standing in line at all. We stayed until the park closed and enjoyed some much needed girl time.


I love Disneyland. So magical.

Then on Friday I did it all again with Liz – from the time the gates opened until we just couldn’t walk another step. It wound up being over 24k steps for us, actually – according to my trusty FitBit. Disneyland is our cardio.

For two people who make their living in memory keeping, we sure did have a hard time taking photos of ourselves in our matching ears, though. Turns out no matter where Liz stands she winds up being in a shadow. I opted for a candid shot of us trying to figure out this anomaly.




I introduced her to fried pickles, she introduced me to the Tower of Terror – twice. I love the Tower of Terror.

We had originally planned to stay until park close – midnight. Around 8:30 we revised our plans and decided to leave after the fireworks at 9pm.



Saturday morning we spent a couple of hours on the floor at the CHA Mega Show checking out the latest in the paper scrapbooking world. Liz got a chance to see her latest ProjectLife mini-kit in person, and even got it signed by Becky Higgins before we left. And we both got to spend time chatting with the team over at Studio Calico – love those ladies, they’re so much fun to work with.


Then we met back up with Kami and had dinner at Santouka with Christine & Todd, who drove up from San Diego for the evening. Three of my favorite women, three very talented and creative women – all in such close proximity. I’m the outlier. I’m obviously supposed to live in SoCal.

I spent my last full day in California laying low with Kami, teaching her how to knit while I snuggled on the couch with her dog and watched movies. Homesickness had started to set in a bit for me, and a calm day was exactly what I needed before heading home.

It was an amazing 9 day reprieve from the harsh winter we’re having here at home, and it’s an embarrassment of riches to be able to get away with Tom for a few days – just the two of us – and then to be able to spend so much quality time with friends I love so dearly. The perfect way to start the new year. And now I’m easing back into work days as I (hopefully) ease out of the flu that Tom caught – and shared – while he was on his Vegas adventure. It’s good to be home.