Hello 2014 | One Little Bird

I really love the reset of a new year. It’s as though I have a giant chalkboard in my mind that fills up with ideas, projects and goals each year—and I spend most of December staring at it, faced with the challenge of picking and choosing which items are going to get taken care of. Then the New Year rolls around and I get to take an eraser to the entire thing and start over.

I love that blank chalkboard. And I enjoy seeing everyone’s hopes, dreams and plans for the upcoming year as they share them on their blogs and on social media. January is when everyone’s optimism is on full display—and I appreciate that energy. I love to look forward.

I’ve spent some time in the past couple of weeks evaluating what has been working for me and what hasn’t been working very well at all. Earlier this week I put together my goals for the upcoming year, working to make them specific enough to be effective and attainable—all the while striving to avoid the word “resolutions” entirely, because it sounds so heavy and concrete. “Goals” sound a little more buoyant, a little lighter – and I’m optimistically pursuing a few this year…

I’m going to make time for free-range creativity in 2014. I feel very fortunate that I’m able to work in a creative field and that I truly love sitting down at my desk to work every day (except the accounting days!) But when that creativity is also tied to deadlines, contracts, marketing strategies and sales reports it doesn’t have the same effect as the free-flowing, “just for me” type of creativity. For the upcoming year, I’m going to schedule time each week to work on personal projects. And I’m hoping that Jennifer Wilson’s Start Fresh course at SimpleScrapper.com will help me in creating a strategy to accomplish this goal.

I’m going to make a new positive, healthy change each month. Making generic goals to “eat better” or “go to the gym more” don’t seem to work for me, so I’m going to try breaking the overall goal of becoming a stronger, healthier me down into smaller, more measurable portions that I add to each month. Whether it’s going to the gym three times a week, being mindful of portion sizes or adding another serving of fruits & vegetables to my day, I’ll tackle them one at a time and hope for a snowball effect of healthier choices.

I’m going to be more mindful of my focus in 2014. I realize this one sounds a bit broad, and that’s intentional. My One Little Word℠ for 2014 is focus, and I’m not entirely sure what this one looks like at this exact moment in time — but I’m going to be working on figuring that out in Ali Edwards’ year long workshop. Focus is a word that kept popping up over the past couple of months in my thoughts, in the quotes I was collecting, the images I was drawn to and the conversations I had with others— I feel as though the word chose me. And I’ll dedicate more time and space in the future, here on my blog, to the ways I’m defining what focus looks like for me and how I’m inviting it into my life.

I’m going to stop comparing so much. This is a fairly big one for me, and one I’ve been working on since reading Daring Greatly this past year. The journey towards “I am enough…” will be a long and continual one, which is why variations on this same theme will likely appear on my list of goals for years to come (if not indefinitely). I’ve added the “so much” as a reminder to show myself kindness along the way because working in a creative field, in a sea of other talented creatives sharing their highlight reels on social media— there will be stumbles along the way and days where I start to feel as though I’m coming up short. Baby steps.

How about you? Have you made goals for the year ahead? Share them with me in the comments below.