The One Little Bird gallery is overflowing with inspiration after the Month of Challenges in January. I wanted to share some of the ones that caught my eye when I was browsing over the weekend.

I love the pops of orange in rockstar by Toriloowho. This kit (Positive Spin) was a bright one for me, but this is how I envisioned all those bright bits being used as I was making it. Bold bursts of color against a neutral canvas.

Layout by Toriloowho | One Little Bird

The clean, linear look of winter fun by lcpereyra was what drew me in when I was flipping through the gallery, but her journaling is the most heartwarming part. I remember how winter never felt like winter when I was a kid. I was invincible as a kid. Love that she captured the way that winter is so magical for her children.

Layout by Lcpereyra | One Little Bird

I had a hard time choosing a favorite page from wtt2014’s gallery, she took part in the Month of Challenges and posted so many great pages throughout the month. But in the end I wound up choosing her page for Day 13, because the family photo is absolutely precious.

Layout by wtt2014 | One Little Bird

This next page by Aimee is one that came in “after the final buzzer” on product release day. Aimee is a member of my creative team originally brought on to make pocket page layouts, but she dabbles in pure digital from time to time, as well. This page captured my interest when she posted it on Instagram and I absolutely adore it.

layout by Adow | One Little Bird

By now you’ll notice a trend, I’m a sucker for a neutral page – especially with strategically placed pops of color. I’m kind of a “sure thing” when it comes to adorable pet photos, too.. This page, So Loved by Christine, gets high marks on both fronts. If there had also been a chubby cheeked baby on this page she would have hit the trifecta.

layout by Christine | One Little Bird

I love the mix of patterns in Retrospective by LilisMother. I have deep admiration for people who have natural talent for figuring out the perfect ratio for different patterns on a page. Too much and it can feel hectic, too little and it doesn’t have the same impact. This one is perfection.

layout by LilisMother | One Little Bird

I was going to stop at five layouts, but here we are at seven! I adored this page, Fun Together, by RaquelS. When I was looking through her Month of Challenges pages in my gallery it was almost impossible to pick just one, but I just could not get over that tiny teal flower on this page and how it was the absolute perfect touch.

layout by RaquelS | One Little Bird

Would you like to see your layout featured in a future Birds of a Feather? Post your projects featuring my products in the One Little Bird gallery at The Lilypad. I love to see what you’re inspired to create!