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Sharing my latest page for month no. 2 of the creative frienaissance that Liz and I embarked on for 2014. This month is a digital page documenting Nick’s invitation to join the Honors Choir this year, written from my point of view in a letter to him – the format I use for most of his pages.

This was an event in his life that I knew I wanted to document, but also one that I didn’t capture very well on film. Performance photos are always a tough one for me – school events, concerts, graduations, etc. Rushing the stage with my camera is typically not an option, and posed photos before or after the event often carry a painfully awkward vibe. Photos of Nick aren’t as plentiful as they once were, and that’s definitely one of my scrapbooking roadblocks.

When Tracey Clark was on The Digi Show last summer her perspective on this stage of life – this teenage kid stage of life – really resonated with me. One of my goals is to find more ways to adapt my approach to documenting this stage of his life, as opposed to abandoning the effort entirely. One solution I’m hoping to utilize more and more is to photograph the little pieces of his everyday, rather than subjecting him to an unwelcome photo shoot.

For this particular memory there were only a couple of pivotal things I wanted to document – his preoccupation with whether or not that invitation arrived in the mail each day, my admiration for how he consistently focuses on excelling at the things he loves, and the fact that he never grimaced about having to wear a shirt and tie even once. He managed to drag it to school in a garment bag, find room for it in his (extremely messy) locker, and then haul it across town on a bus to the concert site and change into it without having some sitcom-esque mishap. The magnitude of that is not lost on me. So the fact that he’s not wearing it in the photo doesn’t minimize the fact that this shirt and tie were sort of a big deal in their own right, and now they’re preserved for posterity along with the rest of this memory.

Roadblock avoided. Second page of the year completed. Hooray! I’m curious what sorts of strategies you all use for documenting this stage of your kids life? Tips and tricks are appreciated!

Liz is sharing her second page today on her blog, as well – so be sure to stop over and soak up her amazingness. (Her photos make me feel nostalgic for the days when I could capture candid photographs of Nicholas all day, every day.)

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