One Little Bird 2017 Creative Team

I’m so thrilled to announce that we’re saying “hello again” to so many familiar faces on the 2017 Creative Team! A few on this team have been with us since the beginning of One Little Bird, and I’m forever grateful for all of their support and encouragement over the years. Returning for 2017 we have:

Aga (asali)
Alex Hunter
Amelia Ng
Beth Santos-Gugol
Candace Perkins
Denise (dennydenny)
Jen Carlson
Jen Em
Julie Barriball
KerriAnne Phelps
Kelly Noel
Kelly Schmidt
Mandy Elliott
Natasha (bcnatty)
Susanne Liedtke

We’re also welcoming seven new digital and hybrid artists to the team, a few who you’ll recognize from their guest spots this past year, and a few who are brand new to us. I hope you’re as excited to get to know all of them as we are.

Carolina Pretorious
Cindy Backstrom
Heather Meeson
Karen Busby
Kim Oedekoven
Melanie Louette
Pepper Tan

And I’m also ever-so-grateful to be welcoming back the four members of my administrative staff, without whom I could not pull off this whole One Little Bird thing day in and day out. (Really …)

Stacy Hall (marketing coordinator)
Christine Newman (blog team coordinator)
Kaye Dimataga (digital product coordinator)
Lisa Hoffer (guest team coordinator)

You can find out more about all of these talented ladies, including additional links to their blogs and social media channels, on the 2017 Creative Team page.