I’ve been a memory keeper since the late 90s, originally in paper. My early albums documented vacations, holidays and big events using what little supplies I had available to me locally at the time. Mainly palm tree die cut shapes and photo corners – nothing glamorous.

In 2005 I discovered digital scrapbooking – a match made in heaven that spoke to both the geeky tech side of my personality and the creative artsy side.  Today I happily wander back and forth between the two mediums, often combining them. Combining them is the best of both worlds.

(some slightly embarrassing)

I’m actually afraid of anything that flies – birds, insects, bats. Although ostriches do not fly and I went on a safari once and one came up to the side of the truck, and I think I had a small stroke. Everyone else was like “Oh look at the ostrich, let’s feed the ostrich, what a pretty ostrich” and I was on the other side of the truck convinced that the ostrich had just looked at me funny. You know .. like lunch? Then (true story) a different ostrich – a ROGUE ostrich – snuck up behind me and I could feel something’s eyes boring into the back of my head. So I turned around really slow – all “horror movie like” – and when I saw that ostrich I hit the deck like someone had just fired a shot at me. After that, the people on the safari pretty much stayed away from me.
I’m (sort of) afraid of glitter, but I’m working on it! Glitter (in general) is an invasive little substance and I’m convinced that once it’s “out there” I’m just breathing it in and one day a big pile of glitter could show up on a chest x-ray. Just a sparkly little fiesta in my lungs. The introduction of non-shedding glitters into paper scrapbooking supplies is working miracles on this particular phobia and I no longer want to put on gloves and a face mask to open up a package of glittered alphabets. That’s progress! But come holiday time, I still look at every holiday card envelope as my enemy, and responsibility for opening them usually falls on my husband’s shoulders – I won’t lie. (He just isn’t as protective of his lungs as I am!) Right now you’re probably saying “Peppermint, you’re just talking about all the things you’re afraid of!” and to that I say “You make a valid point!” However, I’d like to see you TRY to tell me that you don’t feel as though you know me a lot better, and feel a little closer to me, after having read that ostrich ordeal. That was a vulnerable moment, right?
I chose One Little Bird as my business name because I really LIKE birds in theory. I’ve always found myself drawn to office supplies, stationery, clothing and home decor that feature birds. Also, just to prove I’m not out committing hate crimes against birds or anything, the bird feeder outside my office window is actually one of my favorite possessions, and I make sure that all the fat little birds in my neighborhood get an unlimited supply of nothing but the best sunflower seeds I can buy locally. (They probably sell fancier ones in other places, but how would my birds know? They’re fat and they all live here.) But when face-to-beak with an actual bird there’s little chance that I can hold it together. Trust me when I say that the bird holds all the power.
Do you know those people? Yes. Am I sometimes one of those people? Sure. Does it still drive me absolutely nuts, though? Absolutely.
I was a “ghost typist” for Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) for an online webchat he did back in 1997. At one point he was answering questions about the infamous “Who shot J.R.?” cliffhanger at the end of the 79-80 season, and he said to me “Everyone remembers where they were when J.R. got shot. Do you remember where you were?” and I said “Well to be honest, sir, I was 2 years old when that episode aired, so my guess is that I was off in a corner eating crayons.” And that’s the story of the time that I made Larry Hagman – TV’s J.R. Ewing – laugh so hard he blew water out his nose. A few months later I was a ghost typist for the guy who played the Blue Power Ranger, but he didn’t find me funny at all.