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An Apple a Day | Why I Switched To iPhone

On September 19th I made the switch to iPhone after years of being an Android user – and Blackberry before that. This is my first iPhone, and after having such […]

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Me: A Q&A

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Liz to share a bit about myself and my creative process in a blog tour and today I’m sharing answers to a […]

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Around Here

AROUND HERE we’re in the early days of Back to School, getting back to the routine of it all. Nick has taken on a rigorous schedule for his last year […]

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  • A Graceful Season | Available on HSN

Around Here

AROUND HERE | I’ve been eating way too many of these, or the version by Blue Diamond (Wasabi  & Soy flavored). I personally prefer the Trader Joe’s version without the soy […]

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Around Here

Tom and I just returned home earlier this week from a trip out west. We hopped on a plane just hours before some of the coldest days on record hit […]

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  • Hello 2014 | One Little Bird

Hello 2014

I really love the reset of a new year. It’s as though I have a giant chalkboard in my mind that fills up with ideas, projects and goals each year—and […]

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Resurfacing After All The Merry

This year I decided to take quite a bit of time off in December to keep my stress levels down and to recharge my creative batteries for the new year. […]

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  • Around Here | Discbound Notebook

Around Here

ORGANIZING //  a discbound notebook/planner for next year – because I like to allow myself plenty of time. For 2013 I have relied upon (and loved) the Laurel Denise Planner for my […]

By |September 16th, 2013|6 Comments
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Top 5 Summer (Budget) Beauty Must-Haves

Hey everyone. Kim here. As everyone doesn’t know, I’m a newly professed beauty junkie. I didn’t learn how to be girly growing up living on a farm and all, but […]

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Creative Mornings | Jumpstart Your Mojo

I was listening to The Digishow Episode 85 when I heard Peppermint pick “How I Work” from LifeHacker. So, being the curious person I am, I went and checked it […]

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