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  • olbjuly2

Candace Perkins | Storytelling With One Little Bird – Seasons

Summer Days

Tranquil moments, spent on the shore,

watching the gulls circle ’round;

On the horizon were tiny specks –

ships, homeward-bound.

Limitless shades of blues and greens

could be seen amongst lapping waves.

Barefoot, spellbound-friends kept watch –

the sea transforming their […]

  • summer1

Alex Hunter | Summer Scrapbook Page

I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but summer is my least favorite season. It’s too hot, you get bitten by mosquitos, you can get sunburn, so instead of enjoying summer outside, I like […]

  • Creative Team Inspiration | One Little Bird

Birds of a Feather | Soleil Edition


Happy Friday, you guys! We’re already halfway through July – how is this happening?! We go back to school really late, so we still have another month and a half of summer left here, but […]

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Creative Team Inspiration | One Little Bird

NEW | Character Study

NEW | Character Study

I’ve updated the shop with three new products for the May BYOC. With the new Character Study collection we’re focusing on the little traits, quirks and pet peeves that add up to make us uniquely “us”.

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